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AS9100 : ISO9001
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At A Squared Machine and Tool, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in fabrication, where cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship converge to shape the future of manufacturing. Explore our range of fabrication services and discover a new era of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Welding Steel

Welding steel involves joining two or more pieces of steel by heating them to a molten state and allowing them to cool, creating a strong, fused bond. There are various welding techniques and processes, but the basic principles of welding steel remain consistent.

Sheet Metal Press Brake

A press brake is a machine tool commonly used in metalworking and sheet metal fabrication to bend, shape, and form metal sheets or plates. It is a crucial component in the manufacturing industry for creating various metal components used in diverse applications. The primary function of a press brake is to apply force to a workpiece, causing it to deform and take on a desired shape.

Welding Aluminum

Welding aluminum presents some unique challenges compared to welding steel due to aluminum's lower melting point, higher thermal conductivity, and greater susceptibility to oxidation.

Tool and Die Services

In manufacturing, a tool typically refers to a device or instrument used to perform a specific operation or task, such as cutting, shaping, or forming materials. Tools can range from simple handheld devices to complex machinery, depending on the application and the precision required. A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing and metalworking to shape or form materials through processes like stamping, forging, or extrusion. Dies are crucial in mass production processes, as they enable the efficient and uniform production of parts.

Machine Building

Machine building, also known as machine design or mechanical design engineering, involves the process of creating and developing machines or mechanical systems. These machines can range from simple devices to complex industrial systems. The goal of machine building is to design systems that efficiently perform a specific task or series of tasks.


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